Mirto liqueur: a dip in the Sardinian sea!!

Mirto liqueur: a dip in the Sardinian sea!!

This is one of the best Italian liqueurs, from the island of Sardinia: is handmade in every Sardinian family. The recipe is very simple and, having the myrtle berries (you can buy it on line) you can make a nice dip in the sea of Sardinia !!!

Let's begin!

- 600 gr of myrtle berries (1,32 lbs)
- 600 gr of sugar (1,32 lbs)
- 1 L water
- 1 L alcohol

Wash the berries and pour into an airtight jar with the alcohol. Leave the berries to steep for 30 days

After 30 days, open the jar and strain the liquid. Wring the berries and recover all the juice.

Now you have to filter the juice to remove any remaining berries

boil water in a pot and then dissolve the sugar.

Allow water to cool and then mix the juice of the berries.

That's it!
All that remains is to bottle and wait a few weeks... 

To drink cold, thinking of the sea and the sand of Sardinia!!!

bye byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

p.s. all the pictures of the post were taken in my kitchen except the first which is downloaded from internet